1812 Memorial Park

If you’re driving through Lewes, Delaware, and wondering where to go next, stop at 1812 Memorial Park. A well-preserved park with lovely flowers, paths, benches, and a wealth of 19th-century history.


The 1812 Memorial Park is located at 114 East 3rd Street, just yards from 2nd Street, and was a former defensive installation during the British attack of 1813. It was also known as “The Cannonball Park,” located at the intersection of Savannah Road and Front Street, next to the Lewes Rehoboth Canal.

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After a protracted conflict, the United States of America declared war on the United Kingdom and its allies. After resolving their differences, both sides signed a treaty to end the war.


During the War of 1812, enemies attacked residents by firing cannonballs from banks and boats. Cannonball Park was named after residents who survived the war and collected and preserved cannonballs.


The National Society of the Daughters of the United States of America erected a granite monument in the park to commemorate the war. The government contributed four cannons and a small gun, which was thought to have come from a pirate ship abandoned in the bay. In 1930, the American Legion installed a three-inch World War I cannon on the lower terrace. Lewes, Delaware area

According to a previous visitor, “This park is located directly across the Street from the downtown Lewes business district and on the water. You can sit on a shaded bench and watch the boats go by or park on the dock. It’s a great place to unwind.”


Enjoy the view of the beach, passing boats and ducks swimming in the water as you jog, walk, or bike the 0.7-mile loop trail around the park. Don’t forget to photograph the canyons and monuments.


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